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Free trial

The 30-day trial includes The PureWick™ Urine Collection System and 1 box of 30 PureWick™ Female External Catheters and will begin once you have received the placement training.

14 days into your trial period one of our specialists will call you to discuss your ongoing PureWick™ needs.

You will be asked to provide your bank details to begin the 30 day trial, however payment will not be taken until the end of the trial, if you decide to keep the product. If you would prefer to speak to one of our specialists, please call 08000 932255, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Your guide to the 30-day trial

PureWick™ System introductory offer

£195 inc VAT

Introductory price

Saving you over £380

  • 30 x PureWick™ Femaile External Catheters (1 box of 30)
  • 1 x PureWick™ Urine Collection System with 2L collection canister (x1), privacy cover (x2) and all required tubing
Ongoing costs

Manage your urinary incontinence from as little as £6.00 a day

1 box of 30 PureWick™ Female External Catheters

(1 or 2 boxes per month, depending if you use it during the day only, during the night only, or both)

£180 inc VAT

Canister and tubing

Which should be replaced at least every 60 days

£20 inc VAT

Current offers


1 box for £168* Less than £6/day
SAVE    £12


2 boxes for £280* Less than £5/day
SAVE    £80


3 boxes for £336* Less than £4/day
SAVE   £204

*costs include VAT

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